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This Week on POV Horror: Mortal Remains (2017), The Rejected (2018), The Jokesters (2015)

This week, POV Horror is proud to announce three new films to their growing Found Footage Film VOD channel. The folks at Cryptic Pictures added the award-winning Mortal Remains (2017) to the POV Horror film catalog.  This full-fledged faux-documentary features none other than The Blair Witch (1999) director Eduardo Sanchez! Also featured this week is the release of The Rejected (2018), a POV Horro...

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Where is It (2017) – Found Footage Short Film

“Where is It?” is a found footage short film written and directed by Zak White and Todd Spence. With a runtime of only 3:29, this found footage film has some visceral and terrifying moments. The footage is presented from the POV of a video chat session captured on a smartphone. The story opens with Em (Whitney Gries) who steps into her house after returning from a trip. Em is video cha...

ROKU Found Footage Horror Movie VOD Channel! Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast are Coming Soon

NEW YORK, New York – September 4, 2017 – The founders of FoundFootageCritic.com and WickedHorror.com have announced the formation of POV Horror LLC, a horror film distribution and production company focusing on found footage horror films. The company is celebrating its launch with the release of the first Found Footage Horror Movie VOD Channel now available on ROKU devices in supported countries w...

The Diary of a Psycho: New Marathi Found Footage Web Series from India

The found footage genre is a global phenomenon that has spread throughout the world in the form of feature films, shorts, and web series. The country of India has generated a fair number of found footage feature films, including the popular 6-5=2 (2013), remake 6-5=2 (2014), and ?: A Question Mark (2012). Now India proudly enters the world of found footage web series with the introduction of The D...

Blair Witch Petition: Results

While fan support has been overwhelmingly positive, most surprising is the outpouring of support from the horror community, especially horror-related websites and support through social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter. Many horror websites have gone so far as to not just republish the petition, but write articles in multiple languages spanning over 50 countries from around thew world. Bel...

UFO Abduction (1989) – Encounters TV Segment (1994) Uncovering the “Hoax”

After contacting Dean Alioto in 1994, the television show Encounters aired a story on UFO Abduction. For the purposes of our historical research, this section includes quotes from the Encounters segment on UFO Abduction.  UFO Abduction (1989) – Encounters TV Segment (1994) Uncovering the “Hoax” UFO Abduction (1989) is a found footage horror sci-fi film UFO Abduction director Dean...

Re-Found Footage – Early Eduardo Sanchez & Jamie Nash Collaboration

Found footage films by their very nature are intended to look like genuine recovered footage. So, what do we call a recently discovered found footage web series that was lost amidst the passage of time and endless sea of videos on Youtube? How about “re-found footage”? This is the case with a little-known found footage horror/comedy web series called ParaAbnormal (2009). ParaAbnormal (...

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