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Blair Witch Project Co-Creator Says Extended Version of First Film “Would Be Cool To Do”

This week’s episode of Found Footage Files Podcast featured special guest Eduardo Sánchez, co-creator of The Blair Witch Project (1999) and executive producer of the much-anticipated sequel, Blair Witch (2016). Sánchez discussed the possibility of creating an extended version of The Blair Witch Project using untapped raw footage from the original 1999 film. The filming of The Blair Witch Pro...

3 Found Footage Movies You Can Watch Now – Blinded by Science Edition

Time travel, alien encounters, experiments gone horribly wrong – there is no lack of science-themed films for the discerning found footage fan. In this edition of Found Footage Movies You Can Watch Now, we here at Found Footage Critic highlight some of the best found footage sci-fi that can be streamed online today. Project Almanac (2014) – Time Travel with a Twist Suppose you somehow obtained the...

TheBlood-Shed Interviews FOUND FOOTAGE CRITIC owner Michael Steinberg

TheBlood-Shed’s own staff writer Dylan Patton interviewed Found Footage Critic owner MIchael Steinberg in an article published on May 19th, 2016 as part of the site’s “Comrades In Horror” series. Michael discusses why he created Found Footage Critic and the site’s contribution to the horror community. You can read the full article here: Comrades In Horror: Michael Ste...

PRESS RELEASE: Found Footage Film Festival in FRANCE

NEW YORK, New York – April 29, 2016 – Found Footage Critic has been named the official found footage film database for the “On Vous Ment” film festival in France – a three day event wholly dedicated to mockumentary and found footage films. The French phrase “On Vous Ment” translates in English to “Is lying to you,” aptly describing the found footage / mockumentary theme of the film fes...

Top Alien Found Footage Films!

What better way to spend your evening then to dim the lights and watch several super-scary spine-chilling found footage films? Found Footage Critic opened the polls to our readers, inviting everyone to search our every growing library of found footage films and select their favorite alien found footage films! Similar to previous polls, we received submissions spanning six continents and countle...

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