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For a limited time, purchase a digital copy of the rare found footage movie, “O. UNILATERALIS” (2016)

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In the summer of 2012, footage was captured by three travelers on a road trip, who unwittingly find themselves in the middle of a massive global conspiracy. This is the synopsis for Michelle Nessk’s iconic found footage horror movie, “O. UNILATERALIS” (2016). While many fans have been highly anticipating this film’s long awaited release, some may be lucky enough to obtain a digital copy of it by contributing to Nessk’s newest crowdfund campaign for “Pizza Guy 8” – a slasher comedy about a killer pizza guy being on the loose but starting to realize he’s living in a horror movie. The film is directed by Tate Hoffmaster with Michelle Nessk and Dylan Mars Greenberg co-producing. You can find the digital copy to “O. UNILATERALIS” (2016) via the campaign link here.

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