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What We Do in the Shadows

Living Among Us (2018) Announces Release Date!

Found Footage Critic is pleased to announce that the vampire mockumentary Living Among Us has been slated for a US theatrical release. The film, which looks a bit like a more serious version of What We Do in the Shadows,  is directed by Brian A. Metcalf (The Lost Tree). You can check out the trailer for yourself in the player below. Living Among Us stars the late John Heard (Would You Rather), Ésm...

Living Among Us – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Living Among Us – Found Footage Movie Trailer – Film Synopsis Found footage film about a documentary crew sent in to interview a family of vampires whose existence has been made known to the world. But soon, the crew realizes their very lives are in danger as they uncover a deadly secret and must fight for survival. Living Among Us – Found Footage Movie Trailer Living Among Us is...

Top 5 Halloween Found Footage Films for 2016 – Found Footage Critic Staff Picks

It’s that time of year again! The leaves are turning color, there’s a chill in the air, and the smell of fear is upon us—Halloween is approaching! This year the Found Footage Critic staff writers each offer their top found footage picks for Halloween. Below we present five horrific found footage films that appeal to the unique sensibilities of each of our writers. Are you brave enough ...

What We Do in the Shadows Spinoff Coming to TV

The found footage horror comedy What We Do in the Shadows will be coming to television with the spinoff Paranormal Events Response Unit. The 2014 film, created by Kiwi writer-directors  Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement, revolved around a group of centuries-old vampires sharing a flat in modern Wellington. The spinoff will be a police procedural starring two cops who appeared briefly in Shadows, ...

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