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WeepingThorns (2012) – Full Web Series – Free

Slender Man based webseries. This channel formerly existed to document the found footage discovered I find and the effort I make to find my best friend Rick who went missing when we were supposed to meet on a nature trail. It currently exists to document my encounters with this creature in order to get proof that what happened actually did in fact occur. WeepingThorns (2012) – Found Footage ...

Marble Hornets (2009) – Full Web Series – Free

Found footage web series set in the Slenderman mythos. When a film student decides to look through the tapes of a canceled project his friend Alex had directed, and he had participated in, he discovers that his friends have been stalked by a paranormal entity known as the Operator and decides to get himself involved. Marble Hornets (2009) – Found Footage Web Series – Full Web Series Ma...

TribeTwelve (2012) – Full Web Series – Free

Following the death of his friend and cousin, a college student attempts to try and find out the cause of his death after discovering a disturbing series of tapes. TribeTwelve (2012) – Found Footage Web Series – Full Web Series TribeTwelve (2012) is a found footage web series about Slender Man How We Critique and Rate Found Footage Films Found Footage Film Genre Found Footage Film Rati...

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