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The Mitchell Tapes (2010) – Found Footage Trailer

The Mitchell Tapes (2010) – Found Footage Trailer – Film Synopsis

The Mitchell Tapes (2010) is a found footage film and found footage horror. Gene Robertson and John Schafer of Robertson Productions get one last opportunity from Hollywood, after many failed projects, to create and film a TV reality series. Gene and John create a ghost hunting team that includes teenagers (hoping their young innocence and intuition will pick up ghostly vibes) to scour the countries most haunted sites to determine if the legendary myths and stories of these places truly hold ties to the paranormal. For their pilot episode they head to Cooke County W.V. to investigate the Sam Mitchell house, a place where Sam abducted and killed many local children years ago. The residents of this area remember the stories and still fear this house of horrors as well as the justice that their forefathers inflicted on ‘ol Sam. With Hollywood network executives breathing down the Production Teams neck and demanding quick blockbuster results, Gene and John get the ghost hunting squad together and begin filming their investigation.

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