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Il Mistero di Lovecraft: Road to L (2005)

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Il Mistero di Lovecraft: Road to L (2005) – Found Footage Trailer

Il Mistero di Lovecraft: Road to L (2005) – Found Footage Trailer – Film Synopsis

Il Mistero di Lovecraft: Road to L (2005) is a found footage film and found footage horror. 1997: A student of folklore named Andrea Roberti hypothesizes the possible link between the horror literature of H.P. Lovecraft and the dark folk tales of the Po Delta, a mysterious and remote part of northern Italy. 2002: One of the directors of the film comes across a manuscript in Montecatini (Italy) which may have belonged to the American writer. This journal, dated 1926, describes travels in Italy through the Po Delta in search of inspiration in the form of local folk stories: the Filò Tales. 2004: A small, tough crew of international filmmakers is put together with the help of David, a New York actor, to make a documentary on the finding of the journal and on the links between Lovecraft and the Po Delta. If the manuscript really did belong to Lovecraft, it would be an extraordinary discovery. As soon as they begin, however, the filmmakers find that Andrea Roberti disappeared in mysterious circumstances many years before, his car found abandoned on the banks of the Po.

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