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Found Footage Film Reviews

Found Footage Film Reviews

Welcome to our found footage film reviews page. This is the best place to find comprehensive, unbiased, objective reviews of found footage horror films. We take pride in providing honest and fair reviews of all found footage movies. Learn more about how we define, critique, and rate found footage films:

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WNUF Halloween Special (2013) Review

WNUF Halloween Special is a found footage horror-comedy directed by Chris La Marina and written by LaMartina, Jimmy George, Pat Storck, and Michael Joseph Moran. The film takes the form of a VHS recording of a Halloween night special broadcast on local TV station in 1987. Director Chris LaMarina’s filmography reveals a taste for horror-comedy, anthology films, and nostalgia. He previously created the YouTube series Lost Trailer Park: Never Coming Attractions (2010), a collection of fake grindhouse-style trailers. The project was an early collaboration between many of the future cast and cre...[Read More]


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The Monster Project (2017) Review

The Monster Project is a found footage film directed by Victor Mathieu and written by Corbin Billings, Shariya Lynn, and Victor Mathieu. The film follows four friends who set out to create a reality based show proving that monsters are real by interviewing people who claim to be real life monsters themselves. The Monster Project is one of several recent found footage films distributed by Epic Pictures Group. The well-regarded distributor also released the found footage horror movies Jeruzalem (2015) and The Dark Tapes (2016). Epic Picture Group's recent interest in found footage films is a ...[Read More]


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Ghostwatch (1992) Review

"Ghostwatch"  is a supernatural reality-based horror film broadcast on BBC1 on Halloween night in 1992 (25 years ago this Halloween). The film is directed by Lesley Manning and written by Stephen Volk. Ghostwatch is presented as a live Halloween special investigating what is purportedly "the most haunted house in Britain.” Journalist Sarah Greene (playing herself, as does much of the cast) and her crew report live from the home of a divorced mother and her two children. The family claims that their home is haunted by a poltergeist the children have named Pipes. In the BBC studio, host Micha...[Read More]


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The Gracefield Incident (2017) Review

“The Gracefield Incident” is found footage horror film and science fiction drama that was written and directed by Mathieu Ratthe. The film follows a group of friends who embark on a weekend getaway in a remote cabin in the woods and are caught in the epicenter of an alien threat. The Gracefield Incident is Mathieu Rathe’s feature film directorial debut after having directed several horrors-themed shorts. The film is the second found footage movie of the year touching on the alien invasion sub-genre—the first being the Ridley Scott-produced film, Phoenix Forgotten (2017). The film opens w...[Read More]


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The Houses October Built (2014) Review

"The Houses October Built" is a found footage horror movie directed by Bobby Roe and written by Bobby Roe and Zack Andrew. The film follows a group of five friends who search the country for the most extreme haunted house. When horror fans think of found footage and Halloween, not many film titles come to mind. The found footage genre falls woefully short of films covering what is arguably the most horror-centric time of year. Of the plethora of found footage films, the two Halloween themed behemoths are The Houses October Built and Hell House LLC (2015). Director Bobby Roe created a tru...[Read More]


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Murder in the Heartland: The Search for Video X (2003) Review

"Murder in the Heartland: The Search for Video X" is a found footage film and mockumentary directed by James D. Mortellaro and written by Steve Longmuir and James D. Mortellaro. The film is shot in the documentary format and follows a film crew investigating the infamous serial killers Dwayne and Darla-Jean. This hyper-realistic mockumentary is a companion film to Video X: The Dwayne and Darla-Jean Story (2007). Both films present the same subject matter, but different perspectives. While Murder in the Heartland: The Search for Video X follows a documentary approach, Video X: The Dwayne and...[Read More]


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Alien Abduction (2014) Review

“Alien Abduction” is a found footage film and horror movie directed by Matty Beckerman and written by Robert Lewis. The film follows the Morris family on a camping trip to Brown Mountain when they witness unearthly lights in the sky and encounter an alien threat during the infamous Brown Mountain Lights phenomenon in North Carolina. Alien Abduction is Matty Beckerman's directorial debut and Robert Lewis's only writing credit. Despite the duo's lack of feature film experience, Beckerman and Lewis managed to create what is considered by many as one of the best alien siege found footage films ...[Read More]


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Sickhouse (2016) Review

"Sickhouse" is a found footage horror movie written and directed by Hannah Macpherson. The film takes the form of a series of Snapchat videos shot over a 48 hour period where a group of friends heads out into the wilderness in search of a rumored haunted house known as Sickhouse. For the uninitiated, the fundamental premise behind Snapchat is the posting of temporary videos taken by mobile devices which are permanently deleted immediately after first viewing. Snapchat stories, featured in Sickhouse, are videos which remain online for 24 hours before self-destructing—more on this later.


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Territorial Behavior (2015) Review

“Territorial Behavior” is a found footage film written and directed by Peter Bergin. The film follows a survival specialist filming an instructional video in the Montana wilderness who encounters a mysterious pair of hunters with a hidden agenda.. Territorial Behavior creatively takes the form of a wilderness survival instructional video gone awry. The instructional video is aptly named "Territorial Behavior," the film's namesake. The film opens in the Lolo National Forest with survival specialist Bailey Rhodes (Ronan Murphy) adjusting the focus on his tripod-mounted video camera. Bailey is...[Read More]


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Inner Demons (2014) Review

"Inner Demons" is a found footage horror movie written by Glenn Gers and directed by Seth Grossman. The film follows the crew of an Intervention-style reality TV show shooting a story on a teenage heroine addict, only to find that their primary subject may be fighting more than a drug addiction. Director Seth Grossman previously directed the drama The Elephant King (2006), sci-fi thriller Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations (2009), and comedy $50K and a Call Girl: A Love Story (2014). His experience also includes producing three episodes of the reality TV show, Intervention (2011), a mere three...[Read More]

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