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User Found Footage Film Reviews

Found Footage Film Reviews Submitted by our Readers

Read found footage film reviews submitted by dedicated found footage film fans. If you love found footage films or found footage horror, please submit a review! (Select the “Write A Review” link on the film of your choice)

For more reviews read our official Found Footage Critic reviews and check out our catalog of Found Footage Files Podcast episodes. Browse our complete found footage horror film database and use our Advanced Film Search option to find your top found footage films by genre, camera type, filming reason, director, budget, continent, country, and a whole lot more! And don’t forget to watch our library of found footage movie trailers!


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Hollows Grove (2014) – User Review

I came into this movie not knowing a single thing about it.  The setup with the F.B.I investigating this incident caught my attention right off the bat.  Howeve...[Read More]


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Ghost Footage (2011) – User Review

Well acted. Unique idea. Some spooky scenes. I wasn’t quite on board with the idea that he is being haunted and makes a vblog about it yet documents activ...[Read More]


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The Cohasset Snuff Film (2012) – User Review

After getting in on the hype, amateurishly, I decided to watch this “disturbing” movie. To be honest, the most disturbing part,for me, was the actin...[Read More]


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Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006) – Wheels within Wheels

This film is a meta-horror experience which serves as a graduate class in Slasher films. In the world of Leslie Vernon masked killers are real… and a docu...[Read More]


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Grave Encounters (2011) – User Review

Opening up with Jerry Hartfield (Wilkinson) who is the producer of the popular “Grave Encounters” a paranormal investigation television series, he i...[Read More]


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The Cutting Room (2015) – User Review

I always go in to Horror films very apprehensive, I have been burnt so many times over the years, that being said I am a huge lover of the genre especially the ...[Read More]

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