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10 Creepy Found Footage Horror Movies Spun into Movie Franchises

The global popularity of found footage horror movies is largely due to the gritty realism offered by the genre. What is scarier than being lulled into believing, even if just for a second, that the film you are watching is real? Our team of found footage experts set out to find the ten creepiest found footage horror movies that were made into movie franchises! You heard us right, ten found footage...

3 Found Footage Movies You Can Watch Now – Ruined by Underground Ruins Edition

The vast majority of humans live their lives above ground, going about the humdrum of daily life upon the surface of the Earth. We drive the roads, walk the paths, and sleep in our homes, all the while blissfully ignorant of the subterranean horrors that may lurk beneath us. In this edition of Found Footage Movies You Can Watch Now, we explore three films that prove the acuity of our surface-dwell...

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