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paranormal activity

Paranormal Activity Films

Paranormal Activity Series The Paranormal Activity Series is a collection of six films produced by Blumhouse and distributed through Paramount Pictures. The series was created by Oren Peli, who wrote and directed the first film. The Paranormal Series was instrumental in propelling the found footage genre into popular culture. Reviews Paranormal Activity (2007) – Written Review Paranormal Act...

Raw Films

Raw Series Raw is a German-made found footage horror trilogy that was written and directed by Marcel Walz. The series follows the investigations into the legend of Grete Müller, a woman convicted of witchcraft in the 17th century who is said to haunt a forest in Germany. Click here to visit the movie franchise page!

The Ghost Footage Films

The Ghost Footage Series The Ghost Footage series follows main character Jason Greenwood who experiences paranormal activity in his apartment. Despite moving to a new apartment (in the sequel), the strange paranormal occurrances seem to have followed him to his new home. The Ghost Footage series was filmed in Canada and is the brainchild of Jason Day-Boisvert. Click here to visit the found footage...

Interview: BLUMHOUSE.COM Senior Staff Writer GREGORY BURKART

We discuss CREEP 2, UNFRIENDED 2, Found Footage, Blumhouse Tilt, upcoming Blumhouse projects, and lots more!

Paranormal Demons (2017) Videos

Paranormal Demons (2017)

A group of young adults interested in scary happenings wants to film the first episode of their web show “Paranormal Demons” in an old building which was not inhabited for many years. But after entering the mansion they notice that they are not alone. Something is hunting inside the building, and his prey has just arrived.

Die Präsenz (2014) – Audio Review (FoundFootageFiles.org Episode 081)

This week we travel to Germany (albeit virtually) to review the 2014 German language found footage paranormal horror film “Die Präsenz” by director Danielo Grieco. The film is available on DVD and VOD with German subtitles and is a high energy visceral rush that will assault your senses.

Hide The Monster (2016) Review

"Hide the Monster" is a found footage film written and directed by Gabe Saenz. The film is presented as case evidence from a police department, stolen by hackers looking to expose government corruption. The story revolves around a young boy named Isaiah (Owen Hurst), whose mother Stephanie (Michelle Hurst) is concerned about her son's odd behavior. Isaiah has been locking himself in his room or...

Paranormal Entity (2009) Review

Paranormal Entity is a found footage supernatural horror film written and directed by Shane van Dyke and produced by The Asylum. The film follows a family plagued by an unseen malevolent entity. Independent film company and distributor The Asylum gained notoriety for producing and distributing micro-budget B movies, including a library of mockbusters: similarly titled and themed movies quickly ...

Die Präsenz (2014) Review

“Die Präsenz,” also known as “The Presence,” is a 2015 found footage horror film from Germany. The film is written and directed by Daniele Gieco. Die Präsenz follows a group of three friends who spend several days investigating an uninhabited and supposedly haunted medieval castle. The film opens with an on-screen message indicating that the footage about to be presented is police crime scene e...

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