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This Week on POV Horror: Hate Crime (2012), To Jennifer (2013), The Plan (2017)

This week, POV Horror is proud to announce three new films to their growing Found Footage Film VOD channel. This week, POV Horror features two classic found footage films from director James Cullen Bressack: the controversial and polarizing  Hate Crime (2012) and black comedy horror film To Jennifer (2013).  Also released this week is the found footage horror film from Italy: The Plan (2017). POV ...

James Cullen Bressack: Shooting Starts on “For Jennifer”

Get ready Jennifer fans! James Cullen Bressack confirmed with Found Footage Critic that in just a few days, shooting starts for the fourth installment of the Jennifer film franchise, titled For Jennifer! As is often the case with new additions to the Jennifer series, James Cullen Bressack is usually pretty Jenneric in offering details. In a prior interview regarding For Jennifer, he told Found Foo...

#FromJennifer (2017) Review

“#FromJennifer” is a found footage horror movie, comedy, and Hollywood satire written and directed by Frank Merle. The film is the third installment of the “Jennifer” horror movie franchise. In this latest film, a woman named Jennifer was recently exploited by her ex-boyfriend and sets out on a mission to get revenge on “crappy boyfriends.” The Jennifer Franchis...

10 Creepy Found Footage Horror Movies Spun into Movie Franchises

The global popularity of found footage horror movies is largely due to the gritty realism offered by the genre. What is scarier than being lulled into believing, even if just for a second, that the film you are watching is real? Our team of found footage experts set out to find the ten creepiest found footage horror movies that were made into movie franchises! You heard us right, ten found footage...

[EXCLUSIVE] James Cullen Bressack: “We’re Making 4 Jennifer”

Jennifer fans rejoice! Earlier today James Cullen Bressack confirmed with Found Footage Critic that he is indeed adding a fourth installment to the Jennifer film franchise, aptly titled 4 Jennifer! As for the plot of the fourth installment of the Jennifer series, James Cullen Bressack went on to say, “right now I’m going over two different concepts for the film.” While he’s...

4 Jennifer? Jennifer Trilogy Soon to Be a Quadrilogy

Fans of James Cullen Bressack’s Jennifer Franchise will be thrilled to learn that a new film in the series is due out soon. The third installment in the trilogy, #FromJennifer, is scheduled for release during spring 2017. If a third film is not enough to satiate your Jennifer appetite, then we’ve got some very exciting news to announce. We’ve learned from a strong source that a f...

#FromJennifer (2017)

Found footage film where an actress becomes obsessed with internet fame after her manager drops her for not having enough of a social media presence.

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