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Hell House LLC (2016) – Audio Review – Episode 83

This week we review the Halloween themed found footage horror film, Hell House LLC (2016), directed by Stephen Cognetti, about a seasonal haunted house that opens its doors in 2009 in an abandoned hotel in rural New York. Once again we are joined by special guest co-host and filmmaker Dustin Austen, showrunner and director of the hit Youtube series Haunted World of CW (2013).

Hell House LLC (2016) Review

"Hell House LLC" is a found footage film from Canada that is written and directed by Stephen Cognetti. The film takes the form of a documentary covering the weeks leading up to the opening night of a seasonal haunted house in rural New York and the tragedy that unfolds. In true found footage form, Hell House LLC has no title credits, opening directly to the footage and on-screen message, "What ...

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