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Be My Cat: A Film For Anne

How to Build a Wikipedia Page for YOUR Horror Film

Why do some very micro-budget found footage horror films get a Wikipedia page and some don’t? Why do some very micro-budget found footage horror films have a very beautiful Wikipedia page and some are, well, ugly? And by ugly, I mean a very tiny Wikipedia page with multiple warnings saying things like “this is a stub,” “may be deleted,” “needs additional citations and verifications,” and “this sec...

Adrian Țofei Crowdfunds His Ambitious Apocalyptic LGBT Female Antihero Movie “We Put the World to Sleep”

Director Adrian Țofei, the creator and lead in the critically acclaimed movie Be My Cat: A Film for Anne (2015), helms his second feature, We Put the World to Sleep (2018). The film is about two idealistic women who fall in love and embark on a mission to save the world from itself by bringing everything to an end. Beyond the general plot, director Adrian Țofei is not revealing many details about ...

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