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FoundFootageCritic Interview on “Horror Movie Podcast”

https://traffic.libsyn.com/allaboutautismpodcast/HMP064.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:44:52 — 206.0MB)Everyone should check out Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 064: The Found Footage Convention in Horror and an Interview With Eduardo Sánchez, Co-Director of The Blair Witch Project. The “Found Footage Critic” makes his first ever podcast appearance on The Horror ...

The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972) – Found Footage Movie Trailer – Film Synopsis The Legend of Boggy Creek was the directorial debut of the late Charles B. Pierce (The Town That Dreaded Sundown) who put aside a career in advertising to pursue indie filmmaking. A resident of Texarkana in the early 1970s, Pierce was drawn to the sensational newspaper reports describing a hairy, Bigfoot-lik...

Four UFO Government Conspiracy Found Footage Films Based on Real Events

Let’s face it, UFO visitation movies are fun to watch and spur the imagination. Nothing bolsters a UFO encounter movie more than filming the story as found footage—but why? The very notion that a film may be actual proof of alien visitation, regardless of how remote the possibility, increases the entertainment value a thousandfold. And what better way to make a UFO visitation film even more ...


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Living Among Us (2016) Review

“Living Among Us” is an American found footage film written and directed by Brian A. Metcalf. The film revolves around a three-person documentary film crew chronicling the day-to-day lives of a vampiric family living in suburban America after vampires have, proverbially speaking, come out of the coffin and admitted their existence to the public. The movie begins with a pastiche of cable news talki...


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Aliens: Zone of Silence Review – Revolutionary UFO/Alien Film Elevates the Found Footage Genre

“Aliens: Zone of Silence” is a found footage film that was directed by Andy Fowler and written by Fidel Arizmendi and Andy Fowler. The film follows a young woman who sets out to investigate the disappearance of her brother, who was researching UFO sightings in the Mexico desert. This film marks the directorial debut of Andy Fowler who has an impeccable résumé as the visual effects prod...


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The Bucks County Massacre (2010) – User Review

Finding a good found footage is really hard! But this one, even if not very original, can be considered a pleasant one. The plot is simple: a birthday party becomes a nightmare when a girl goes missing and panic starts to spread. The movie takes some ideas from good old found footage classics and that’s a good thing! It begins as the recording of a party (like the starting situation in Clove...


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Alien Abduction (2014) Review

“Alien Abduction” is a found footage film and horror movie directed by Matty Beckerman and written by Robert Lewis. The film follows the Morris family on a camping trip to Brown Mountain when they witness unearthly lights in the sky and encounter an alien threat during the infamous Brown Mountain Lights phenomenon in North Carolina. Alien Abduction is Matty Beckerman's directorial debut and Rob...


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Sickhouse (2016) – User Review

I watched Sickhouse last night for the first time and I’ve got to say, it’s ****. I’m a big horror fan and I’m open to all different kinds of horror, but I wouldn’t even class Sickhouse as a horror movie. It’s a corny, low-budget, teen film that’s centered around Snapchat. It’s a constant vertical view, which is annoying, and it’s just full of ...

INTERVIEW: BLACK WAKE Director Jeremiah Kipp Talks Zombies and H.P. Lovecraft

In our second round of articles related to the highly anticipated found footage sci-fi/horror film, Black Wake (2016) I had a rare opportunity to sit with Director Jeremiah Kipp and discuss Black Wake and hear his thoughts on the found footage genre. Found Footage Critic: How did you come to be involved in Black Wake and with writer Jerry Janda? Jeremiah Kipp: I directed a short film called Painki...

The Dark Hunter (2003) – Found Footage Trailer

The Dark Hunter (2003) is a found footage horror mockumentary comedy inspired by films such as ‘Spinal Tap’ and British TV comedy series ‘The Office’. Fictional characters Duncan and Mark are wannabe filmmakers who think that they could do a far better job than the makers of ‘The Blaire Witch Project’. This spoof documentary follows them through a series of disa...

Descent into Darkness: My European Nightmare (2017) – Found Footage Trailer

Descent into Darkness: My European Nightmare – Found Footage Movie Trailer – Film Synopsis Found footage film and French horror film where a journalist from an Eastern European country arrives in Paris to start a tour of European capitals. His intention is to make a documentary about the European dream. Between fascination and difficulty of adaptation, Sorgoï struggles to complete his ...

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