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Rob D'Annunzio

First Official BOOTS ON THE GROUND Trailer Proves that War is Hell!

Every so often amongst the plethora of new found footage films, we come across a mashup of two unlikely sub-genres. The upcoming found footage film Boots on the Ground, by director Louis Melville, is one such example, mixing traditional war footage with the supernatural. This leads us to an all-important question, is Boots on the Ground a fictional film or an actual account of historic events? An ...

The Monster Project (2017) Answers the Age-Old Question: Are Monsters Real?

As children, we were always told that monsters do not exist, and they were mere figments of our creative imagination. This long-standing candor will forever be refuted when director Victor Mathieu proves that monsters are indeed real in the upcoming found footage horror movie The Monster Project (2017). What better place to unveil this revelation than the 2017 Cannes Film Festival? A vision with r...

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