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Found Footage Critic

The Haunting of Grady Farm (2019) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

A producer for a haunted locations show goes to an abandoned farm in Florida, but she quickly learns what's haunting this land is more than folklore.

Case-347 (2020) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Psychologist and UFO skeptic Dr. Mia Jansen joins forces with two documentary filmmakers who set out to prove alien abduction claims are a mass hysteria.

Skyman (2020) – Movie Trailer

Skyman (2020) – Found Footage Movie Trailer – Film Synopsis During the 2020 pandemic, a group of friends spend Halloween messing around with a Ouija Board over Zoom. But with the world online, making a connection has never been easier. Skyman (2020) – Found Footage Movie Trailer Skyman (2020) is a found footage horror movie How We Critique and Rate Found Footage Horror Movies Fou...

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Ctrl+Alt+Trick/Treat (2020) Videos


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Ctrl+Alt+Trick/Treat (2020)

Ctrl+Alt+Trick/Treat (2020) is a found footage film about a group of friends who use a Ouija board on Halloween night over a Zoom call.


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Hunter’s Creed (2020) Video Review

Hunter’s Creed (2020)  is a found footage horror film that was directed by Justin Jackola and written by Justin Jackolda and Ken Miyamoto, and co-stars Duange “Dog” Chapman, from Dog the Bounty Hunter (2003) fame. The film has strong horror undertones and a faith-based story arch, which is a welcome breath of fresh air for the typical horror films permeating the found footage gen...

Exclusive: Clip & Trailer for HUNTER’S CREED (2020)

The producers of the critically acclaimed found footage film Aliens: Zone of Silence (2017) are preparing to release their second found footage film, Hunter’s Creed (2020),  directed by Justin Jackola, and written by Justin Jackola and Ken Miyamoto. Hunter’s Creed (2020) is Justin Jackola’s feature film directorial debut. The films co-stars Duane “Dog” Chapman, from D...

WEKUFE: THE ORIGIN OF EVIL is Coming this Fall!

Found footage fans rejoice! The long-awaited release of Wekufe: The Origin of Evil (2016) is approaching. The critically acclaimed found footage horror film from Chile, written and directed by Javier Attridge, is coming soon to televisions across the globe. POV Horror (a wholly owned subsidiary of PlayNowMedia LLC) is proud to announce the acquisition of the worldwide rights to Wekufe: The Origin ...

Hunter’s Creed (2020) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Hunter’s Creed (2020) – Found Footage Movie Trailer – Film Synopsis A recent widower reunites with his old church buddies to film a hunting show in the remote woods, where a supernatural presence forces him to confront his faith. Hunter’s Creed (2020) – Found Footage Movie Trailer Hunter’s Creed (2020) is a found footage horror movie How We Critique and Rate Fou...

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