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End Roll (2012) – An Italian Effort that Falls Short…

Plot An annoying girl, Laura, buys a new HDR camera and starts recording her uninteresting life with it. She takes the camera everywhere she goes, she picks on her roomie Marta using it and she even points the camera directly to the faces of her acquaintances that she meets on the street by chance. After some unexplained events occur at their apartment, Marta confesses a secret to Laura, which she...


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Severed Footage (2012) – User Review

Plot A bunch of losers and two “hot chicks” are making a documentary about an ax murderer and an incident that occurred on the island near where they live. Legend has it that the island is haunted. They interview some people and all, and they finally go to the island, ignoring that the stories might be true… Bad, bad, bad. It all begins with an awkward and shameful intro for the ...


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The Wicksboro Incident (2003) – User Review

Plot Two documentarists take on the story of an electrical engineer who in the 50s used to work for the US government in developing a device that is able to read auras. He assures that all auras looked and sounded the same for every human that they tested, until they found some who weren’t the same, implying that those weren’t humans. The town where he used to work suddenly vaporized i...


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Afflicted (2013) – User Reviews

Plot Two best friends, one with a diagnosed terminal disease, embark on a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world during the ill’s last months of life. When in Europe, he contracts a mysterious disease that changes him in a very interesting way (not telling!) I loved it. After watching it without having myself spoiled by any trailers or anything, I was pretty surprised to see what the film ...

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