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Unfriended (2016) – User Review

User Rating: 4

This movie has a rather unique filming style, or at least I’ve only seen a few movies personally with a similar style. The entire movie is just a computer screen. Most of the movie is about friends in a group video chat on skype. However, there are parts that are in text as messages sent over both skype and Facebook.

Within the first few minutes of the movie, we learn that a girl killed herself over bullying related to a video of her posted online. Shortly after the clip is viewed, it moves onto Skype, and not long into the film, an unknown person in the group chat, at first believed to be a glitch, starts claiming to be the suicide victim and terrorizing the group, boiling down to a game where their lives rest on telling the truth.

This movie kept me interested by making me ask questions. I tried to quickly read through the text parts of the film hoping to find answers; trying to solve the mysteries.

I’m only going to rate Unfriended 4/10 .

While the story succeeded in keeping me interested, I myself prefer to watch a movie instead of read it. Having parts that need to be read isn’t a huge issue for me, but there were parts where the text was kind of hard to read and that really lowered my overall enjoyment of the film. This movie was also all about the mystery of the story behind everything; it will make you try to figure out what’s next more than it will scare you.

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