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The Monster Project (2017) – User Review

User Rating: 9

This is one of the most original found footage movies this viewer has seen. I disagree with the site review’s criticisms of the film’s purity. The film, from the outset, declares itself a documentary, and it follows through on this premise to the very end. In fact, the filming reason, the reason behind the existence – even showing – of the documentary, is integral to its plot (as we would come to find out). This conceit, and how it’s expressed through the mythology of the film, are precisely what makes this particular film such a standout effort. It makes an interesting philosophical point, indicating a darker truth in the ostensibly banal documentation of quotidian minutiae (which is found footage, in a sense) and addiction to ‘hits,’ view counts, likes, and followers that have become part and parcel of, if not the end times, then at least our time. That there’s background music, as one could expect to find in a purposefully crafted documentary, cannot be considered a genre violation here; on the contrary, it supports the conceit. And lest potential viewers think the film as described sounds dry, intellectual or boring, the movie actually sidesteps the usual (now cliché) ‘buildup’ trope of the genre, instead immediately grabbing it by the horns and throwing the viewer into a wild, fun, bumpy ride through the night (including a super creepy and surreal trip inside a character’s mind – the first use of dream sequence in a found footage I know). How terrifying, and refreshing.

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