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The Mitchell Tapes (2010) – User Review

User Rating: 3.9

This one follows the filming of the doomed pilot for Ghost Kids, a paranormal investigator series whose distinguishing feature will be to feature teens as the lead investigators. They investigate the Mitchell House (hence the name of the film), where Sam Mitchell murdered over 30 children before being caught and lynched. Is it worth seeing? Well, the doomed ghost hunter premise has got to be the most popular in found footage, so it all boils down to execution. And execution here was, sadly, not so great. The acting was subpar. There are no real scares of any kind, even at the end (where most scares in movies like this are usually bunched up). Virtually the whole movie inside the house was filmed in green night vision, making everything hard to see. If the listed budget is accurate, the movie actually feels like it was made for way less, a bad sign. The CGI is not very good. I note it was the director/writer’s first film, so he was obviously inexperienced and finding his voice. And one final pet peeve of mine: everybody knows that newscasters, even on the smallest local stations, are impeccably groomed and dressed. So why is it that in so many FF movies that cut to a newsreader, the guy has unkempt hair and is wearing an ill-fitting shirt and jacket? It immediately destroys any suspension of disbelief (which, frankly, is often pretty precarious in these low budget efforts). In any event, this one is not recommended.

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