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The Last Witch (2017) – User Review

User Rating: 7.4

“The Last Witch” as far as plot goes, gives a definite 10.  At the beginning the viewers are immediately brought into the story of the witch who got away.  As the plot unfolds, the plot both develops and becomes stronger.  The reason for filming is set, and is simple, early on.

I found the actors in this film good.  It was apparent (to me) that the female was going to lead the story as she appeared to be living and in a film with her friends.  The cameras were always in range where it was reasonable one could hear and not quite hear.  Another aspect of this movie is that it is in Spanish (made in Spain) and subtitled in English.  I speak Spanish and did not need the subtitles, however I used them.  The subtitles were not only right on point, but it added to the movie.  I then watched without, and realized that if this movie had been scripted, it had the advantage of going way off making this a very very solid film.

Towards the end, some camera shots were not quite explainable to me, however overall this was very well made.

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