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The Bucks County Massacre (2010) – User Review

User Rating: 6.5

Finding a good found footage is really hard! But this one, even if not very original, can be considered a pleasant one. The plot is simple: a birthday party becomes a nightmare when a girl goes missing and panic starts to spread. The movie takes some ideas from good old found footage classics and that’s a good thing! It begins as the recording of a party (like the starting situation in Cloverfield) among some friends, then at a certain point we have people from the party wandering in the woods at night(typical Blair Witch Project situation) looking for a missing friend, and there’s also a part in a closed place with a strange creature chasing the protagonists with the night-vision as their only help (just like in REC).

So the filming reason is completely satisfactory, because, even when the party is over, the filming is useful for the purpose of gathering information so that the police can be helped to find the missing girl.

Next, we have the cinematography and we can be satisfied with it too. In fact, the camera shots are always realistic and even in run/danger situations, we have the perfect lateral/shaky outcome.

The problems come when we consider the purity of this found footage. What I personally DO NOT like in a found footage is the excessive and unnecessary use of editing. It just kills the immersion. Now, I’m not being critical towards mockumentaries, I do like good mockumentaries! But here we have a FULL found footage tape that is being interrupted by some random interviews of the protagonists’ relatives. It feels totally unnecessary. Also, the “explanatory” texts at the beginning and at the end are excessive… There’s no need for an explanation of the situation, it can all be understood along the way.

Talking about acting, we have some mixed performances. The actors of the found footage main part of the movie are really good! We have random talks done perfectly and the reactions to the various situations are incredibly spontaneous! Not the same can be said about the interrupting interviews we encounter during the movie… The acting during these parts is in fact really lame and not at the level of the rest.

Finally we can talk about the immersion/realism feature. As already said before, about the purity, the immersion is anesthetized by the forced interviews, placed(I suppose) to “explain” better some characters. The problem is that the characters are already well presented during the found footage and so there was NO need of a further analysis…The plot is not bad but it is nothing new. It’s a mixture of some good “already seen” ideas. And probably at the

The plot is not bad but it is nothing new. It’s a mixture of some good “already seen” ideas. And probably at the end it will leave you with a void feeling, caused by the expectation of some good plot idea that sadly did not come.

Considering all, the movie deserves a 6.5. Worth watching for sure!

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