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Severed Footage (2012) – User Review

User Rating: 1


A bunch of losers and two “hot chicks” are making a documentary about an ax murderer and an incident that occurred on the island near where they live. Legend has it that the island is haunted. They interview some people and all, and they finally go to the island, ignoring that the stories might be true…

Bad, bad, bad. It all begins with an awkward and shameful intro for the film. Onscreen text that talks about “ghost facts” (what?) and the story of severed feet washing ashore in someplace in Canada. After a terrible staged news flash, we are introduced to characters even more awkward than the intro and a cliched story about a haunted place.

This is a film I’ll recommend NOT to watch to anyone I have the chance to…

Plot is a 0/10


The documentary thing is why the character keeps filming. “We can edit things out”, the lead character says. Sadly it’s evident that this is nothing but a work of fiction. And a really bad one… By the climax, someone is injured and the camera falls to the floor… conveniently showing the hurt character! At random times, the date and hour display at the bottom-right corner of the screen, something I’m pretty sure no camera does… There’s pointless running in circles in the middle of night in a forest, and there’s just screaming and the classic “I knew it was a bad idea to come here” cliche. Oh god…

The found footage setting is just an excuse for the non-existent budget this film had.

Footage is a 0/10


Why even bother… These guys are no actors. Just a couple of friends who thought it’d be fun to make an amateur movie… I hope they had fun, because I surely didn’t. Hearing them try to act was one of the most painful things I’ve been through, and the only reason I watched until the end was just so that I could firmly state that this is one of the worst movies I’ve seen. None of the characters here are able to even express an emotion without having it sound extremely fake.

It’s clear that everyone involved in the movie is friends with each other in real life, so they had the confidence to act horribly and still produce this film shamelessly.

Acting is a 0/10


Given the previous three points I guess it’s clear that Severed Footage isn’t immersive. It’s just sad…

Immersion is a 0/10

(If I could rate it 0 here and on IMDb, oh boy, I totally would)

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