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Operation Avalanche (2016) – User Review

User Rating: 7.5

I really love these guys. I already loved them in “The Dirties” and I love them also here. Especially Matt Johnson, the protagonist and the director. He’s an amazing actor(he chooses the perfect roles that suit his acting) and a really creative actor. But let’s be precise. This ISN’T a horror found footage, that has to be said. As “The Dirties”. But I don’t mind about that as long as a good found footage can play well with tension and plot. And this is what Matt Johnson does amazingly. And, most important of all, he respects almost EVERY ASPECT of a found footage movie.

The movie is about the moon landing and all the conspiracy theories behind it. That is enough to explain the plot without doing some spoiler. Let’s add that the protagonists are CIA agents doing a documentary.

What I apprecciated the most is the idea. Not the theme, but the idea of doing a documentary in those times, with cameras that are clearly from those years but yet really handy(it’s still CIA’s cameras after all!). Also the editings, the song choices(from those years) the audios… everything works just fine. Then if you add also a good and interesting plot and a superb acting, you know you can enjoy this movie. And I’m not even a superfan of the moon landing or of all the conspiracy theories about it. At all! In fact I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start watching the movie or not, but then I couldn’t stop. Worth watching for sure.

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