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Operation Avalanche (2016) – User Review

User Rating: 7.5

Right out the gate I’m going to say my favorite found footage movies are those involving SUPER STEREOTYPICAL haunted houses, aliens, and a small group of people being chased and or slowly killed by: ghosts, demons, possessed children, black eyed children, evil albino children, or The Black Eyed Peas. Well…maybe not the last one, although if someone has the funds, I’ve got the idea and the time! Not being too big on conspiracy theories, especially US government conspiracy theories, I dove in regardless. This bad boy sparkles with money, so no fishing lines tied to a kitchen cabinet closing at 3:15 AM waking the whole family business here! This is solid acting, solid dialogue, solid sets, solid all around. Although the film gets a little dry at times, the premise is pretty easy to follow and has the found footage feel I hold so dear. Not really my cup of tea, but worth the watch if you want to be better then Russia and need a break from Paranormal Activity 34 :Madea Haunts The House.

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