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Nightfall (2011) – User Review

User Rating: 1.6

I was preparing my taxes while watching this movie and I have to admit my taxes were more enjoyable than the movie. The actors struggled mightily to put out a performance that was at least half heartedly believable but fell well short of the mark. Film direction lacked inspiration as evidenced by the way the alien protagonist were represented by bright blue lights and a myriad of strange and odd noises. Shot in anywhere town America the plot did have potential but the low budget coupled with lack of vision (even for a low budget film) and bland, lifeless acting allowed the plot to fall apart rather early in the film. As much as I love the found footage films I am hard pressed to recommend this film to anyone. Do yourself a favor, for entertainment do your taxes or maybe take care of an ingrown toenail or hair for I am certain you will enjoy those activities more than this film.

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