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The Monster Project (2017) – User Review

User Rating: 5

I really need to put my two cents about this movie, ’cause I think it’s getting too much credit…

As a found footage purist, I have to warn every fan of the genre to be careful, ’cause this movie is gonna be quite painful… Almost EVERY found footage rule gets trashed and the result is a total loss of immersion. I HATE this type of movie because here you have a good cast, good special effects, and everything. So they could do a normal movie with normal cinematography… But NO, they chose to make a found footage movie, even if the movie is a constant switch from one camera to another with no sense in that. It’s almost like the director thought “Hey! With a found footage point of view, the action scenes get cool and we don’t need perfect special effects ’cause we will have less light and less definition.”

Well, that is a TERRIBLE idea. But let me explain this clearly…

The first part of the movie is a presentation of the characters and of the story. We get to know the protagonists and their idea to do some videos about mysteries so they can get more views on their youtube channel. And that is ok. Not outstanding, for sure, but ok!

The second part will be shot in a creepy house, where they intend to record some interviews with some creepy guys: a skinwalker, a vampire and a possessed girl.
So, something will go wrong eventually and we’ll see some action. Now, the special effects are pretty impressive and I like this thing. What I DO NOT like at all is the constant presence of cliches and found footage absurdities… As soon as we get into the action(but also before that) we have MANY camera switches. That doesn’t make sense unless someone is editing everything. And this could make sense for the first part of the movie (not completely, since we can see recordings that do not belong to the main story, and thus should not belong to the Monster Project edit), but these things in the action part are just SO WRONG. Who is editing that damn video after something supernatural like that happened? It’s just absurd. And you even have a spooky soundtrack! So the purity-immersion is completely ruined.

And the ridiculous thing is that there is an hallucination/nightmare part, where it’s CLEARLY something happening inside the head of one of the characters. But still we see it THROUGH the camera. I hate this so much ’cause this scene, in theory, was really great and enjoyable! But they should have done it with NORMAL cinematography. All the movie should have been like that… That’s really a pity… But I can’t accept they turned this into a wannabe-found-footage just to get some “different” and “cool” camera shots… That’s just absurd and naive… Because this choice definitely ruins everything to a non-superficial spectator! And all that cliche jump-scares… OH PLEASE!

Too many and too cliche! I’m a fan of jumpscares when they’re not FORCED EVERYWHERE. The final one is just an insult to every GOOD found footage final jumpscare, such as, for example, the REC final jumpscare. So, I’m gonna rate it 5, but just because there is some good acting in there and some cool special effects. Otherwise, I would have rated it 1, probably…

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