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Hollow (2011) – User Review

User Rating: 7

So I have never written a review on this site, but after seeing this film I wanted to see if anyone had reviewed it.


I went into this movie with zero, dare I say, negative expectations. I bought this movie on a blind buy to support independent cinema and it sat on my shelf for quite some time.

Hollow is a found footage film, that isn’t perfect but surprisingly tense. If you aren’t into found footage then this probably isn’t for you. I found myself getting caught up in the characters and situation without realizing I was. I have to say, that felt nice. I didn’t feel like the movie dragged on too long or was boring. It told an interesting little story in a simple way. No real frills or unique elements, it just stuck to task. I have to say I actually appreciated that. Also, it does a good job of hiding it’s monster and not letting you know too much. Unfortunately, the thing I actually like the most about this film is a spoiler so I want to post that below my review. Anybody who likes found footage should check it out at least once and then, if you do, let me know what you think and read my spoiler section!

Definitely, do not go in expecting a great movie by any means! In fact, go in with no expectations. I weirdly dug it!


****Spoiler Warning****

My favorite part about this movie is that it sprinkles in folklore about a hooded man and what not, but that isn’t at all what ends up being the issue or monster. A small folk town with mixed up stories and folklore that has been passed from generation to generation. As the fisherman said, there are multiple versions of the story. But ultimately, there is just an unspoken energy that makes people uneasy and change. And maybe I wouldn’t normally like that but it felt good for this story.

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