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Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006)

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Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006) – Wheels within Wheels

User Rating: 8

This film is a meta-horror experience which serves as a graduate class in Slasher films. In the world of Leslie Vernon masked killers are real… and a documentary crew has been allowed to film the “birth” of a potential new addition to the hallowed ranks of Myers, Krueger and Voorhees.

The film is rife with allusions to genre films- but where other “meta horror” films will jackhammer each cadence Behind the Mask lightly taps them. The allusions actually serve to improve the film, telegraphing each plot point rather and the development of the characters rather than distracting viewers with an irrelevant “easter egg” hunt.

At times the mockumentary premise is broken by what can be called “traditional slasher film” moments. Normally found footage movies which abandon the premise are irksome- however in this case the moments serve to re-iterate that “You are watching a film.” and consider each scene in the context provided by the philosophical subject of the film’s documentary.

What really impressed me with this film is the tight writing. No scene is wasted- no dialogue is “lip service” to horror fans. Every twist and turn leads directly toward the conclusion. The story is well thought out and paced.

WHen you watch this film don’t “groan” at what appear to be slasher cliches. Realize that every “typical slasher moment” is put in context by the filmmakers. The issue is not, “This happens in every slasher film.” but it is, “Why does this happen in every slasher film?” And the flimmakers answer.

This is the film SCREAM wanted to be….

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