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Alien Abduction (2014) – User Review

User Rating: 6.5

I started watching this movie not knowing what to expect: the site rating is really high, while the users rate it differently. I think that the truth is in between these two outcomes. It started badly, really badly… Some annoying “spooky” written information to explain that the tape is “real.” When will found footage directors understand that NOT writing is 10 times more immersive than these phrases on screen? I hope soon. Then we have the final part of the footage that shows us how the camera got to us. Apparently, the camera was thrown from a spaceship, fell for something like 1-2 km and bumped onto the ground, with just some scratches on the lens. Absurd, right? Then we have the mockumentary/interview part, and just after that(and after some more super-annoying “spooky” phrases on screen) we finally have the found-footage part. It’s not bad. It’s pretty enjoyable and we have some really tense moments. Also the jumpscares are good and well placed, they’re not lame ones like in many movies.

The cameraman (camera boy) is a well-thought character that justifies 100% the recording since it’s an autistic boy who really needs to record things (but wisely he avoids to, when he has to run, unlike in many other found-footage films). Too bad for some USELESS and annoying icons appearing on screen such as the LOW BATTERY one… That’s a big mistake ’cause there should not appear at all something like that to the viewer. There is also some little mistakes in some scenes, like the “video” being interrupted (changing from one shot to another suddenly) and the audio keeping the same… But it’s not a big problem. While near the end we have a terrible choice to show some more footage AFTER the ending credits… an immersion-killing choice. All these details are really annoying and it’s a pity… because the story is pretty interesting and there are many good effects and perfect choices. Also, the acting is not bad, especially the father. One thing that works well is the tension-play, and that deserves some credit. So, all considered, I think that, in my opinion, the movie deserves a 6.5.

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