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The Visit (2015)

$1M - $9M 2010s All Releases Camcorder Horror Mocumentary Mocumentary Paranormal

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The Visit (2015) User Reviews


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The Visit (2015) – User Review

I’m very disappointed by this one. I knew it was one of the most famous found-footage movies in recent years (even if fame is hardly ever a good quality for found-footage), but I never got to see it. I didn’t even know it was directed by Shyamalan. I’ve found out that just now, at the end of the movie. And let’s say that I kinda understand better now all the negative things...[Read More]


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The Visit (2015) – User Review

Somebody help me out here, please I must be seeing a different film to everyone else.I, like many, enjoyed the early works of Mr Shyamalan in particular the fantastic unbreakable, I even enjoyed the polarizing film signs, then as everyone alive witnessed, we saw pretty much everything he produced tank and tank very badly. Now here we are with a return from I, like many, enjoyed the early works of ...[Read More]

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