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Leaving D.C. (2012) User Reviews


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Leaving D.C. (2012) – User Review

I love this film. The premise was realistic and the filming was justified and natural, the character was original and tremendously well acted, and the pacing was great – very suspenseful. My parents own a cottage that is miles from town and this played on so many fears of mine, we’ve actually had issues with trespassers that have required us to set up game cameras on the property and I...[Read More]


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Leaving D.C. (2012) – User Review

This is the kind of found footage I LOVE to find. Gosh, what a gem! Leaving D.C. is a one-man show since the movie is in the form of a videoblog brought on by Mark (the protagonist) and most of the time it’s just him on screen. Mark has OCD and this is a really interesting feature, linked to many details in the movie. What I love about this movie are its simplicity AND originality. Take note...[Read More]

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